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    10 Easy Steps to an Organised Home Office
    22nd May, 2020

    Organised Home Office

    Home offices have never been more in fashion! However these spaces are prone to quickly become disorganised, making it hard to keep track of all the essential items in your office – and even hampering attempts to concentrate on work.

    Thankfully, help is at hand. Here are ten easy steps to help you organise your home office with ease…

    Get creative with space

    Space-saving furniture is your best friend when it comes to a great home office design. You’ll need to harness all your creativity to make the most of the limited space you have, so consider carefully how you can achieve this goal.

    In addition to furniture, the location of your home office will help to dictate how much space you have to play with.


    Desk near window


    Place your desk near a window

    Enjoying the view while you work is a great way to give the illusion of space, and positioning your desk close to a window is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to feel too closed in!

    Stow your electronics safely

    Be sure to designate a special place for smaller electronics and USBs, which can easily get lost when you’re organising. A special pot or a pouch with a zip are both foolproof options.

    Get on top of your filing

    A filing system is another must for a well-organised home office design. Don’t be afraid to customise your filing cabinets so they reflect your personality, giving it a special twist which helps make reaching for your files far more appealing. Add magnets and handmade touches for some creative flair.

    Keep your keepsakes

    Organisation needn’t mean you lose all the little bits and pieces which have been gifted to you by loved ones over the years. Hang photos and mementos on a piece of wire and ‘peg’ them in place for a swift and attractive organisational trick!


    Wall clocks

    Timekeeping is important, even if you’re working at home. A wall clock won’t take up excess space but will still help you stick to schedule. Choose one which matches the décor of your space.

    Add flair where you can

    Organisation is as much about motivation as it is about clever solutions, when it comes to a functional home office. There’s no reason you can’t let your imagination run wild and create a space you will actively enjoy keeping tidy.

    Recycle and reuse

    How about repurposing other items for use in your home office? A flower pot makes a handy desk tidy, while files and folders can be reused time and again for a more eco-friendly approach to organisation.


    Home Office Shelving


    Consider shelving

    Letters and important paperwork will need to be close at hand, so organise some racks or shelving which are suited to this purpose – and you’ll never lose them again!

    Clean each day

    At the end of each business day, be sure to have a quick tidy around your home office. This will ensure it is always in perfect condition for the next time you need to use it.


    Let us know…

    If you have any great tips when it comes to organising your home office, let us know in the comments.

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