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    6 Design ideas for loft conversions
    24th May, 2015


    6 Design ideas for loft conversions

    6 Design Ideas for Loft Conversions


    Thinking of adding extra space in your home or at least increasing its market value? Without a doubt, a loft conversion would most probably do the trick. Simple tasks, such as painting and decorating, can effectively turn your loft into a space that is more functional and appealing. Here are some ideas that might work for you!


    Careful Planning of Space


    Before you even begin with the loft conversion, make sure to have a well-crafted idea on how to maximise the use of available space. Consider using multifunctional pieces of furniture as well so you can save on space. In line with this, the space should be also made more accessible and more habitable.




    A loft conversion can also be a good project if you want additional space in your home. It can provide you with excellent storage space, as long as you pay careful attention on how it is designed. The use of nooks and crannies can help to maximise space availability and to keep it neat and organised.


    Painting and Decorating


    By choosing the right paint colour to use or the right decors, you can create the illusion of a bigger space. In the same way, you can alter the mood and achieve whatever mood you want to feel when in the loft. Through painting and decorating, you can give your loft more personality and aesthetic appeal.




    The idea behind scaling is to use the right sizes of furniture, as well as making sure that you put only what you will need to avoid the space from looking cramped. Before you shop for furniture and decorative pieces in your loft conversion project, make sure to know the exact amount of space that is available and as such will provide an excellent starting point when it comes to selecting the right pieces to pick.


    Build Windows


    The addition of a window can prove to be effective in taking advantage of the use of natural light. This is going to help you save electricity. Velux windows with blinds can be a good choice if you are trying to achieve a clean interior.


    Use Right Lighting


    The use of right lighting for your loft conversion can help in creating the atmosphere that you want. From the colour to their style, lights will be essential decorative pieces to add a touch of personality in any room. In the same way, choosing the right lighting fixtures is also important for energy efficiency.


    Given the ideas that have been mentioned above, it is clear that a loft conversion does not need to be a complicated task. Even through painting and decorating, you can breathe new life into your loft. You just need to be creative, and a little bit patient to achieve the outcome that you want.


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