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    6 Valentine’s Day Wall Decor Ideas
    2nd February, 2015

    Look, who’s around the corner? The Cupid himself, right behind the veil of the Valentine’s Day, giving millions and millions around the world a moment (read it a day!) to express their feelings of love and affection to their beloved ones. And what is the better way of sharing the joys of love with people around you than decorating your homes and places in the most loveable manner? If you are wondering just how you would do that, here I am with these 6 Valentine’s Day Wall Decor Ideas to help you make your home look like a love-cove on your special day.




    1          Let’s start with the simplest ideas first. Just have some red and white coloured art cards handy along with a stapler. Cut 2 to 3 inches wide long strips of red as well as white art cards. Shape them up like a big heart with white one sandwiched between two reds, staple them together at appropriate places and you have a beautiful heart ready to be hanged around on a wall. Of course, you can have as much of them as you want and need!




    2          Now, this is also quite simple, though needs more time than the previous one. However, it still remains really simple. The more colourful you want your wall decor to be, the more colours you choose in art cards. Simply cut the right sized hearts out of them using a scissor and thread them together, which you can either do by using cohesive tape or sewing needle. Make as many strands of colourful hearts as you need and find them a place to hang on wall.




    3          If you thought you were done with strings, you were wrong, because here we are with one more of it. This time around, you need to draw a heart on the wall you want decorated and drill in small nails with some space between each of them, all along the outer boundary of the heart. Now get a woollen string and weave a heart with it, a perfect piece of wall string art There is no hard and fast rule for that, just make sure it looks like a heart in the end!




    4          And if you have got kids around, this might be their favourite way to express their love and care for you in their own innocent yet colourful and lively manner. If too young, you better help your kids with scissors or any other sharp instruments to make sure they remain safe. For more kids Valentine's Day ideas click here.



    5          This is yet another one of the simplest Valentine’s Day wall decorations you could resort to. You would need art cards in different shades of red and pink to cut into hearts and get a Valentine’s garland ready to add love in the air for you on that special day. 




    6          Everybody thinks uniquely, so there are simply endless ways to get to your favourite Valentine’s Day wall decor ideas and here is one more for you. It goes the same as far as cutting the hearts and attaching them to (or through) string is concerned. The twist lies in creating the heart shape out of them. You can do that by drawing a heart on the wall using a pencil and then make your way along its boundary.



    If you are thinking about some gift ideas to complement all your efforts to make your home look like a love-cove, you can have a look at these fabulous Valentine’s Day gift ideas.


    Author; Jayme David 



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