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    7 Sign’s It’s Time to Redecorate You’re Home
    17th January, 2022

    Redecorate you're home

    Welcome to the new year! January is the perfect time to plan for the coming months, and redecorating your home is often high on the list. But, if you have missed the subtle hints your house is giving you, here are seven signs of getting you thinking about booking the painters and decorators!

    Outdated Decor

    Styles change, our tastes evolve, and what once inspired you can now leave you feeling rather blah about the room. Painting and decorating give us a chance to embed our personality into our homes, and indeed this should be a space you love and want to spend time in, so change is always good.

    Wear and Tear

    Looking after your home is essential when it comes to ensuring market value. It doesn’t matter if you have no intention of selling it; this pile of bricks and mortar is likely to be your most valuable asset, so you need to look after it.

    Changes With Time

    Has a teenager left home for Uni? Have you had a new baby? Life changes are also crucial points where a change of decor could be just the ticket. Perhaps you are going to turn a bedroom into a study or just want to revamp a childhood space to something more grown-up for when they come back for the holidays.

    Declutter Your Space

    As life happens, stuff builds up! Clutter can make a room feel outdated and leave you wanting to be anywhere but in that space. However, it is easy to overlook the reason why, and we get blind to our clutter. Try and have a look around your home with outsiders eyes and see what needs to change. A good shuffle of our possessions is as important as painting and decorating.

    Thoughts of Moving

    If you are finding yourself looking at estate agent listings, you may have fallen out of love with your home. However, if you really are not in a position to move, it could just be that you need to refresh your surroundings. Use pictures of homes in the listings for inspiration and get decorating!

    Not Feeling Proud

    Did you love having people over for dinner? Have you been avoiding inviting anyone because you are not feeling any pride in your home? That’s a good sign that you should call in painters and decorators and give your pad a makeover. Love the home you are in as you spend a lot of time there!

    Why Not?

    Finally, when it comes to decorating, why not go for it! So many of the best rooms have been created on a whim, on the need to start a new project or just because you could! Some of us love to stay busy and work around the house one room after another, updating the decor, and when we finish, we start all over again! Let your personality shine through, have some fun and enjoy painting and decorating your space.


    Let us know…

    If you have any great tips when it comes to redecorating you’re home, let us know in the comments.

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