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    Fun and creative ways to decorate your home this Halloween
    28th October, 2021


    Halloween decorating ideas

    It might not be for everyone, but we have to say that we love Halloween. Sure, it is a spooky season, but it is also your chance to dress up and have some fun. As well as decorating your home too. Whilst you can drape a few cobwebs around and hope for the best, this probably isn’t the most fun approach to decorating your home this Halloween.
    So, to help inspire you to think outside the box (or should that be coffin), we have put together some of the most fun and creative ways to decorate your home this Halloween.

    Turn your garden into a graveyard

    A graveyard scene is a great way to spookify your garden and create a proper Halloween feel. Best of all, if you want to try and minimise how much it costs, then you can bring the costs of this down too. You can make the tombstones yourself, and all you need is some hands or feet sticking out of the ground to finish the look.

    Make an eyeball wreath

    You may only think about wreaths during Christmas, but they can be a great Halloween decoration too. There are several Halloween wreath styles that you can try yourself, but one that we particularly like is the eyeball wreath. You can make this yourself using a standard wreath base and creating eyes out of ping-pong balls that are then glued on.

    Paint wine bottles and add candlesticks

    Want to add an eerie glow to your garden for Halloween? You can always get creative with any glass bottles hanging around the house and transform them into candle holders. You will need some quite opaque paint for this unless you want to have to do a lot of coats, but with some tall orange candles popped in the neck of the bottle, we can promise you that this Halloween craft is worth doing.

    Drape sheets over your furniture

    If you are looking for a quick way to add a touch of Halloween to your home, then you could always dig out some of the extra sheets that you have tucked away in storage (white ones, of course). If you drape these over your furniture, then it makes your home look like it is deserted or just moved into, which, as you may know, is where all good horror movies start.
    Turn your pumpkin into your sweet dispenser
    Handing out sweets to those trick or treaters is one of the best parts of Halloween, and we are glad to see that this is returning this year. A fun way to do this is to turn your pumpkin into a sweet dispenser. All you need to do is trace the outline of your chosen bowl into the pumpkin, then carve a deep enough hole for it to sit in. You can always hot glue a rope around the rim of the pumpkin if you want it to appear a bit neater, but you don’t have to. Then all you need to do is fill it with candy, and you are ready to go.

    The main thing to do when it comes to Halloween decorating is to let your imagination run wild. Be creative, be crazy, and you may just surprise yourself with what you manage to create.

    Let us know…

    If you have any great tips when it comes to Halloween decorating, let us know in the comments.

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