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    Garden Inspiration! How creating zones in your garden will bring it to life.
    1st July, 2019

    The sun’s out and we want to start enjoying our gardens. With a few simple tweaks and planning when it comes to garden layout, you can create distinct areas for entertaining and relaxing. You’ll be amazed at the profound impact that creating zones will make.

    First and foremost you need to decide how you would like your garden to function. Do you need more entertaining space or relaxation space? Once you’ve decided, the next step would be to decide how you would like your garden to look. Do you like modern contemporary design or a Japanese inspired garden or even an English cottage designed garden?

    Create levels

    Create levels in gardens

    By adding different levels these gardens have achieved their goal by clearly defining areas for entertaining and relaxing. The sleek modern lines coupled with the careful consideration in to the selection of materials also plays a part in bringing these gardens to life whilst evoking a sense of nature. The attention to detail and use of timber for fencing and along the edge of the concrete planters of which doubles up as seating, the carefully selected entertaining areas and use of lighting complements the gardens and cohesively brings it all together.


    Water Features

    Garden water features

    Creating specific zones within your garden by the use of water features is a great way to introduce a sense of calm. Here, for example, this garden has a well defined shaded area for entertaining and relaxing. There is an additional area which has had a lawn laid and Japanese influenced stepping stones with a contemporary feel within a pond. The stepping stones connect the garden and with the tall trees along the perimeter this allows you to enjoy it’s full beauty in privacy.

    Treasure Hunt

    Garden 5


    When designing your garden, you should think about where you will position certain elements such as your entertaining space and what you will see as you journey through. You could think about the experience as a treasure hunt that will indulge your senses. In this garden a mix of new and old has been seamlessly integrated to work in harmony. As you stroll along the pathway with flowerbeds and the varied heights of the planters they lead you to a shed and dining area that has been created at the back of the garden under a pergola.

    Secluded Areas

    Garden Design

    Each part of this garden clearly has distinct purpose. By using dense planting this garden has achieved a secluded area at the back which adds privacy but is in keeping with it’s surroundings. The golden colour of the paving and direction it has been laid emphasises a modern touch with a hint of an English country feel.

    Cottage Style Gardens

    Cottage Garden


    The English cottage garden has come along way since they were originally designed for herbs, vegetables and fruits. Back in the eighteenth century was when the purpose of a cottage garden changed from feeding us to helping us relax and enjoy the space. The flower filled gardens became popular and what we think of today in regards to a English cottage garden.


    In this English cottage garden there are no modern lines but sweeping curves and narrow pathways with nature in full bloom with it’s plethora of colours and a scented flowers. A cottage garden is simple by design set within a framework of hedging. The colour of the plants that surround the pathway set the stage for an amazingly beautiful garden.


    Set the stage

    Garden Fencing


    Set the stage with fencing that complements your chosen garden design. Fencing is an important aspect which helps achieve the overall feel you’re looking for. Think of style, colour and texture and how it will all come together. Take in to account the height of the fencing, for example modern contemporary gardens tend to have higher fencing where as English cottage style gardens tend to have low picket fences.


    Garden Rooms

    Garden Rooms


    With the need for more space, garden rooms are undeniably becoming a vital part of any garden design due to the endless possibilities of using the space for multiple purposes such as a home office, a workshop, a fitness studio or general chill out room to name a few.

    Gardens rooms can be built to any size but typically are located at the end of the garden. They are fully insulated and heated, so give the full comforts of home all year round.

    Creating zones in your garden can truly enhance your mood through carefully thought out design, focusing on aspects that will fit in with your lifestyle. So, what are you waiting for? Start dreaming, start designing, start building your own personal garden oasis.

    Let us know…

    Have you created zones in your garden? If so, share your garden creation photos. If not, let us know in the comments section which option you like best for creating garden zones.

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