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    The Hottest Home Design Trends to look out for in 2016
    27th February, 2016


    Whether you’re residing in a rented apartment or dwelling in a property of your own, you’re probably going to exercise whatever opportunities you can in order to make your house feel more like a home. This involves buying the right furniture, installing the ideal fixtures, and setting up your preferred décor to achieve the look you want for your space. While many of us dream of having the perfect place to come home to, turning that dream into a reality might become a little bit of a challenge. This is why countless homeowners and renters have looked to magazines, books, and other resources to find inspiration on how to achieve the ultimate interior design aesthetic. This year, interior design is taking a different turn and if you want to keep up with the home design trends 2016 is serving up, these short pointers should put you on the right track.


    Hot Interior Design Trends for 2016

    12 Hottest Home Design Trends for 2016:


    1) Two-Tone Kitchens – Many interior design buffs vouch for this kitchen design technique, and you should definitely try it out. Have the walls of your kitchen painted a neutral shade like white, grey, black, or beige, and add in a touch of character with red, blue, or any other electrifying colour you want to incorporate. The next step would be to introduce two different colours for the cabinets (One colour for the wall hanging cabinets and another for the floor cabinets).


    2) Coloured Stainless Steel Appliances – Nothing says chic quite like the shiny, sleek body of a coloured stainless steel appliance. Add a little life to your countertop with a bright red blender or a cool deep blue toaster.


    3) Formal Dining Rooms – The formal dining room used to be a thing of the past but in 2016 it's expected that a formal dining room will make an impact.


    4) Niche Appliances – Nothing offsets the stiff and structured design of modern kitchens quite like a niche appliance. Invest in a steam oven or potentially draw inspiration from abroad with a few warming drawers to add that well deserved break from the monotonous look of your kitchen.


    5) Heated Floors – Nothing feels quite as comfortable as coming home to a warm, cozy, comfortable space, and with heated floors, you might never want to leave your place again.


    6) Geometric Patterns – Simple, structured, minimalist design can be a feast for the eyes for even the pickiest of people. Incorporate sleek, edgy items into your home for that added modern aesthetic.


    7) Jungle Prints – Vacation doesn’t have to be too far away from home, and with jungle prints on throw pillows, décor, and single walls in a room, you can feel like you’re away from home in your home.


    8) Gold and Silver – 2015 saw the popularity of copper in the kitchen, but this year it’s all about gold and silver. Spice up your interior design aesthetic by adding in a few gold and silver pieces here and there.


    9) 70’s Inspired – Who doesn’t love the 70’s? Bring back the good old days by incorporating a few curvy, low, brightly coloured furniture pieces into your living room mix.


    10) Eco Friendly – Forget recycling, try upcycling! This year, organic-looking, natural pieces are taking over the interior design scene. Throw in a few succulents here and there, and you’re styling eco friendly chic.


    11) Monochromatic – Black is still the new black, and white isn’t too far behind. Make a statement with these bold interior design staples and make sure you keep them ever present in your perfect space.


    12) Simplicity is Key – Remember: simplicity is key. Don’t overdo the design and don’t mix in more than you can chew. Keep everything reasonable and spruce up your place in simple style.



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