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    How to clean out gutters
    14th November, 2013

    Cleaning out gutters is essential maintenance that needs to be done as without will inevitably cause problems such as leaking gutters, sagging gutters and damp to name a few. Below is an easy to follow 5 step guide to cleaning out your gutters.


    Step 1: 

    Remove gutter covers if you have them.


    Step 2:

    Put on a pair of gloves and scoop out the debris inside with a trowel or your hands.


    Step 3:

    Flush out the gutters. 


    Step 4:

    Check the down spouts for blockages by checking the flow of water from the gutters. If there are any blockages try using a power washer or by working the hose up and down the down spouts until clear.


    Step 5:

    Check the gutters and down spouts are firmly secured. 


    Maintenance Tip: Once the gutters have been cleaned it would good to consider fitting a gutter cover or guard to prevent leaves and debris building up in your gutters.






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