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    How to Create Cohesive Colour Flow Throughout your Home
    13th February, 2022

    How to Create Cohesive Colour Flow Throughout Your Home

    Decorating your home is an expression of your personality. So no matter whether you are a bold and eclectic type or prefer something softer, home colour schemes are important and something we tend to put a lot of effort into. The good thing about painting and decorating colour flow is there is no correct way to do things, but if you are looking to create a cohesive feeling, read on to learn some of the professional tips and tricks.

    Home Colour Schemes That Flow

    The easiest way to create a natural flow of colour through your home is to have a base palate that the pros call your neutral colour. This is especially important in rooms that connect, for example, open plan living. This base colour starts every room and ties them together while creating the blank canvas that you can build upon to bring your unique personality into the space and define purpose into the different areas.

    Joined-up Thinking

    Of course, it is not just rooms that flow into one another that you should consider; even if there is a clear distinction between rooms with a door, pay attention to how these two spaces link. The professional term here is sightlines. In other words, when you open the door, what can you see of the next room before stepping through. To create the perfect cohesive look, you need to ensure the colours between the two are complementary, particularly if you wish to use a different neutral colour in each.

    Colours That Work

    Generally, people favour a colour palette, so using this across all areas can help bring everything together. For example, if you love greys and pinks, you could use these in different ways, making the grey dominant in one room and the pink dominant in another while alternating the other as a highlight and accent colour. However, if you want the whole home to join up, you need to stick to all warm or cool colours. If you have more than one floor, you could be creative and create a warm, vibrate downstairs living area, then carefully blend this to excellent as you go up the staircase and use the top floor as a chilled space. Still, generally, the palette is best kept the same for all areas.


    This is not as restrictive as you might think! There are plenty of colours that fit well together, so you have loads of choices. Even if you are sticking to a cooler palette, you will find that an odd bright accent item can create a colour burst and work really well. The only exception to flow, if you are looking for somewhere to really express yourself, is small rooms like WC closets that stand alone. These can be anything you like, even if you want to paint the walls red! Clever creativity can be used to echo back this room to other places in the house, and then suddenly everything links up, and you have achieved cohesion!

    Let us know…

    If you have created a cohesive colour flow in your home, let us know in the comments.

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