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    How to Decorate a Nursery
    22nd June, 2019


    How to Decorate a Nursery


    Knowing that you are delivering a new bundle of joy into your life is the best time of happiness for all expectant parents. It also brings anticipation as you get ready to welcome a new member or members into your household. The areas you have to think about in the nursery where he or she will reside in for the first several weeks of their lives is where they will sleep, where you will change them and storage. You’ll definitely need plenty of storage!

    Here’s a few pointers to help you on your way in decorating your nursery.

    The Crib

    For newborns, you will need a crib. There’s many options available that combine both fashion and functionality but make sure they also meet UK safety standards. Undoubtedly your little one will grow in no time and so you may want to look at cribs that are versatile and grow with your child. That is to say that they can be converted from cribs to toddler beds to daybeds.

    The Changing Table

    Another essential is a changing table. When it comes to changing tables, you have two options available such as a freestanding changing table or changing pad that can be added to a dresser. Overall, you need to decide what will work best for you. One key point to take in to account though is that you’ll need to have everything close to hand when changing your bundle of joy. You’ll also want to invest in plenty of supplies, such as nappies, changing pads etc. You’ll get through these in hyper speed!

    The Rocking Chair

    It’s now time to think about your “needs” in regards to what to put in the nursery, as you will be spending a lot of time in that room. The first port of call should be a comfortable rocking chair with good back support and arms as this will be where you will feed them, rock them to sleep and read to them. You should choose one that complements your taste and after they have grown up, you can repurpose it and reuse it in another room. You’ll also want to keep a throw blanket close to hand, when your baby has fallen asleep and you don’t want to move in case you wake them.

    The never ending need for storage!

    You’ll be amazed at the amount of storage you’ll need. Nappies, supplies, toys, books to name a few but they all add up. We would recommend that when you’re considering storage that you consider multi functional pieces such as hanging baskets, shelves and toy chests and bins that as they grow up can be used for other purposes.

    Interior Decor

    Now that you’ve handled all the essentials it’s time to decide how you are going to decorate the space. In regards to colours, we would recommend you choose a neutral colour palette. This is to ensure that the room will grow with them and you can style the room with the furniture and fittings within it.

    You may be thinking about how to decorate the walls. Well, as you have a neutral colour palette, hanging pictures is the perfect addition.

    Another aspect not be forgotten are blackout blinds and lined curtains. You’ll want your baby to sleep during the day and so you should consider them essentials.


    When deciding on lighting, your best option is to select soft dimmed lights to help them get to sleep. Another option is night lights that are good in helping your baby feel sleepy and great for toddlers as they grow up, if they are scared of the dark .

    Decorating and furnishing a nursery is a significant milestone. Remember, it’s your family and your home. There’s no rules set in stone on how your nursery should look but as long as you have the essentials in place you’ll be fine.

    We wish you the best of luck, enjoy!

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