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    How to design your perfect Zen Bathroom
    30th June, 2015

    Zen Bathroom


    Bathroom decoration can be fun and challenging but when it ends up giving you the relaxing feeling of a Zen, it is well worth the effort. If you really need a break from your hectic life, why don’t you consider transforming your bathroom into an exclusive sanctuary? Below are the steps to follow to create an authentic and Zen-inspired style.


    When setting up your Zen bathroom, make sure you set the bath by a window so that you can make use of the natural view to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere experience while bathing.


    Your toilet area must not be spotted from the doorway. Consider putting a piece of art or painting within viewing range of the toilet; you can make that art the centre of attraction from the doorway.


    When you want to set up a Zen bathroom, make sure the flooring flows naturally, blending from one area to the other. You can choose between wooden floors and tiles (back to nature).


    Zen depends a whole lot on architecture compared to ornamental elements. Therefore if you are renovating or building your house, consider hiring an interior designer or architect to handle the task. They can put together flooring ideas, provide suggestions for materials and also work directly with contractors making sure that you get the appearance you desire.


    When setting up your Zen bathroom, pick colours that harmonize with nature. Zen design flows from nature, just like water from a spring. Furthermore, you can add those elements of air, water and stone to your bathroom by selecting colours that reflect them. Make use of natural colours like taupe, light sand, grey, green or blue to evoke a serene environment. However, bright colours can work well (should you like red, use cranberry or pomegranate not pillar box red)


    In choosing natural colours, you have to find a balance between dark and light colours to highlight specific areas. People sometimes misunderstand a Zen bathroom as a dark room however the lighting is equally as important. For instance, if you paint the walls taupe, improve them with a black granite sink or an iron vase of orange zinnias that will reflect light and brighten the area. Avoid bright lights and opt for calm soft lighting as well as keeping lines soft and simple.


    The background of your Zen bathroom should be kept monochromatic and neutral. You can get this done by painting the walls a similar colour as the tiles. You can also use matching towels  that complement the environment. Furthermore, you can choose a couple of amazing objects to spotlight against the neutral background, for instance a fine stone sculpture or candles.


    You can also make use of waterfall effects (taps etc.) to add to the calming environment should you feel adventurous.


    In conclusion, are you ready to modify your bathroom into an exclusive sanctuary? If so, follow the tips above to achieve a Zen calming bathroom in your home.


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