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    Painting and Decorating Ideas for a Small Living Space
    6th February, 2022

    Painting and Decorating Ideas for a Small Living Space

    For some people, the idea of decorating a small space is overwhelming. It is fair to say that cavernous spaces might make it easier to plan colour schemes, but actually, small living space ideas excite us, as there is so much potential, so we thought we would share some of our ideas to get you started.

    Expand with Nature

    Some people have deliberately chosen a smaller space, others are making do with what they have, but everyone in a tiny home needs to learn to fall in love with their space. When coming up with painting and decorating living room ideas, start by looking out into nature. Adding a few pot plants can actually help make the space feel more significant, and you will find that bringing the outside in creates a sense of flow and purpose. Houseplants give you a great colour palette, and they are good for the air as they thrive on carbon monoxide and give out oxygen creating clean air proven to help you feel better.

    Go Vertical

    Stripes can help elongate; this is something the fashion world has known for a long time. If you want to make yourself seem taller, you can wear vertical stripes; however, horizontal lines should be avoided as these make everything seem shorter and fatter than it is. This logic also works in houses, so consider a feature wall of striped paper. It will draw the eye, but it will also give the illusion of height which makes the whole room seem bigger. You can use paint to create stripes, but this needs to be well done, so wallpaper is often easier.

    Mirror Your Space

    Another brilliant small living space idea is to use mirrors. There are many beautiful feature mirrors on offer, and these not only bounce the light around the room but also reflect the space creating an illusion of extension. Full height mirrors work well, and placing them in the darkest corners and directly opposite a window also increases the effects. If the room looks pretty gloomy, an artificial light source can be used to reflect off the mirror.

    Light and Bright

    It may seem quite obvious, but you should also ensure your main colour scheme is a light colour. Of course, you can add accents of darker colours, but walls, curtains, and, if possible, furniture should be kept light to create the feeling of space in the room. For example, a feature wall as mentioned above could have an alternating dark and light stripe but ensure the lines are narrow. Cream and magnolia, although often hated, are commonly used in new builds for precisely this reason.

    Stay Symmetrical

    Finally, consider using symmetry if you plan to redecorate a small room. This means balancing all of the furniture and avoiding too much-unstructured clutter. This makes the room appear to have more space because it is easier for the brain to process something that seems organised. Conversely, a room full of clutter is very crowded and disorganised, and naturally, this makes a space seem smaller.


    Let us know…

    If you have any examples of painting and decorating ideas for a small living space , let us know in the comments.

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