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    10 Ideas to decorate your bedroom on a budget
    3rd April, 2015

    Looking to decorate your Bedroom on a budget? Then read on for our inspirational hints and tips:

    10 Ideas to decorate your bedroom on a budget

    1) Feature Wall

    Creating a feature wall is a great way to add interest and a focal point. Feature walls can be painted or wallpapered.  All you need to do is to choose a bold colour that complements your current wall colour and paint one wall.


    2) Decorate your walls with decals

    If you don't want to paint your walls or hang wallpaper a cost effective idea to revitalize your bedroom is to add decals. All you need to do is choose a pattern or image that matches your current colour scheme and apply, It's as simple as that!


    3) Wall Art

    By introducing wall art you can make a real difference instantly. To add a personal touch you could create your own wall art by framing a treasured photograph or image.


    4) Bedroom Furniture

    If you're bedroom furniture is looking like it's seen better days then a simple update is in order. For wardrobes and chest of drawers you could paint them and add new handles. For chairs you could re-upholster them. The possibilities are endless.


    5) Lighting

    Lighting makes a big difference, so by choosing your lighting carefully you can transform the look and feel of your bedroom into a cozy relaxing sanctuary. To achieve this you can use ceiling lights, wall lights, floor lights and table lamps. 


    6) Swap Bed Linen

    By changing your bed linen you instantly make an impact and re-energise your bedroom space. To make a positive change the tip here is to choose something different than you currently have. For example, if you have patterns choose solids. The bed linen can become the statement piece in the room.


    7) Buy a New Rug

    A new rug can make a bold statement that enhances your bedroom. The tip here is find one that complements your bed linen and colour scheme within your bedroom.


    8) Add a Mirror

    Mirrors are a fantastic addition to any bedroom as they reflect light. Large mirrors can open up your bedroom by making the space look bigger. Equally small mirrors can make a difference if used instead of a headboard in a creative frame .


    9) Blinds and Curtains

    Changing your bedroom blinds or curtains will also make a big positive change. You could even have both – a blind and curtains. If you're feeling more creative and want to add a truly personal touch than you could make your own.


    10) Custom Headboard

    For an original unique touch in your bedroom you could build a headboard and either upholster it, custom paint it or if you're looking to get really creative than think out the box and use an old door or other piece of woodwork.

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