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    4 Ideas to freshen up your dining room
    26th July, 2020


    Your dining room is a very important part of the home. Here you’ll spend many hours not only eating but spending time with family and friends. If your own dining area is looking a little tired, here are four simple ideas to provide a quick refresh.

    1. Invest in your dining table

    Your dining table (and chairs) are somewhere you’ll be spending a lot of time, so you want them to be both stylish and comfortable. We recommend going for timeless styles which will refresh your space without making it necessary to update every new season.

    Alternatively, you could try upscaling and adapting your current table and chairs, by indulging in a little DIY! This is one of the best dining room ideas for creative types who want a chance to really show off their skills.

    Dining Room Table

    1. Create a focal point

    There are many different ways to create a focal point within your dining room. You could opt for a dramatic lamp or table decoration, a stunning piece of furniture, a delightful painting or even partition off areas within the room.

    The latter is great way to break up the space for larger dining rooms!

    Dining Room Furniture

    1. Declutter like a professional

    Decluttering is one of the most important dining room ideas, as it will enable you to really see the space you have to work with – and instantly create a more spacious environment, or simply make way for new design features.

    There is no need to go for full minimalism (unless you want to), but consider every item you have in the room and whether or not you really want to keep it on display.  Dining rooms are inherently social spaces where you’ll spend a lot of time, so view it as both a personal room and somewhere which showcases you and your home as you would like to be seen.

    1. Make it personal

    In the quest to create a beautiful dining room, many people lose sight of the key role this area plays in family life. There is no reason why your loved ones can’t be included in both the design details and the planning!

    Think of how wonderful it would be to dedicate a wall to some of your favourite family photographs or snapshots from your adventures? This method helps to keep the dining room as the true heart of the home.


    Let us know…

    If you have any great tips when it comes to freshening up your dining room, let us know in the comments.

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