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What does your front door colour say…
19th September, 2014

A well maintained front door to your home will improve it's kerb appeal but how do you choose what colour to paint your front door?

We can use colour to enhance the aesthetic appearance of our homes and via feng shui boost our energy. You need to experiment with colours for your front door so to give you a helping hand below is a guide to what colours mean.


Yellow:  Welcoming, Happiness, High Energy and Warmth

Red:      Power, Passion and Strength

Orange: Communication, Perception, Movement, Intelligence and Flexibility

Purple : Energy, Wealth, Wisdom, Meditation, Nurturing, Compassion and Spirituality

Green:  Balance, Peace, Well-being, Compassion, Harmony and Growth

Blue:     Prosperity, Imagination, Trust, Freedom, Inspiration and Abundance

Black:   Elegant

White: Purity, Serenity and Virtue

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