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    Home isn’t ‘Sweet Home’ until its beautiful inside
    23rd October, 2015

    A house doesn’t really turn into a home until the painting and decorating is completed…and done properly. Yes, everyone can buy some paint from B&Q or HomeBase but to give your home an outstanding look, you need to choose the best painters and decorators who can give you effective services in a cost effective manner.


    Home-sweet- home


    Finding the right decorator can take time as there are many tradesmen who provide painting as a service but for a quality job it is wise to take advantage of a decorating specialist. A skilled decorator possesses the capability to also complete tasks like plastering and tiling in a professional manner as they understand the importance of technique.

    When you have shortlisted your options of whom to contact – How do you know which one will guarantee a high quality of work?


    Talk to someone you know who has used a painter and decorating company:

    It gives you confidence and piece-of-mind if you can check previous work. If you know someone who has just renovated their house you can see the standard of work carried out by their decorator and go about contacting the same company. You can then arrange a visit for a quotation and go from there.


    Search on the Internet:

    Like most people these days, you can use Google to find what you are looking for. For example Mr Mourinho may search for ‘Painters and Decorators in Chelsea’. Refine searches and compare the services and prices and reviews of different companies in order to make good decisions. There are trustworthy painters and decorators in Chelsea, who offer professional decorating services in and around the area.


    Experienced and skilled professionals will provide you with a high standard of work. They will also give you some suggestions if required.  


    When hiring a painter and decorator, before you make a decision…

    • Try and get an idea of colour schemes – There are plenty of websites online that can give you inspiration. If you are not sure then a decorator can assist you.
    • Arrange a visit at your home or property so that you can discuss your project and for you to receive a quotation. You can also ask the decorator to show you photos of their completed work.
    • Consider your options and quotations and confirm prices before any work commences.


    If you need help, advice or would like to discuss possible decorating we can assist you – Email 


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