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    How to clean paint brushes [part 1]
    4th February, 2014

    To keep your paint brushes in tip top condition they need to be cleaned well. Follow our easy step by step instructions below to make your paint brushes last for years. In Part 1 I will show you how to clean brushes after using water based paint and in Part 2 I will show you how to clean brushes after using oil based paint.

    How to clean a brush after using water based paint

    Overall I would recommend you select a paint brush only to be used for water based (latex) paint and a paint brush for oil base paint.

    Water Based (latex) Paint

    Step 1:

    Before any cleaning can begin remove as much paint as possible from the paint brush.


    Step 2:

    Pour warm water into a container so that it fully covers the bristles adding a small amount of washing up liquid.


    Step 3:

    Use the lip and sides of the container to remove as much paint as possible as well as dipping and swirling the paint brush to work the soapy water through the bristles. You can also add washing up liquid directly into the bristles and work it into them by hand.


    Step 4:

    Repeat steps 2 and 3, changing the water a few times until the paint brush is clean.


    Step 5:

    Finally rinse the brush in clean water.


    Step 6:

    To remove the water from the paint brush you may flick the paint brush or spin using a spinner. A spinner is a mechanical tool used to remove excess water from paint brushes and rollers.


    Decorating Tip: Place a rubber band around the bristles to keep their shape.


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