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    How to decorate a galley Kitchen
    27th July, 2015


    Galley Kitchen

    Nowadays, our home is more than just somewhere where we can sleep, it’s a sanctuary and a place of love and passion where we spend most of our time. That’s why we need to decorate it the right way, and that’s especially true when it comes to our kitchen. If you want to stay true to the trends or just want something different in your home, then I recommend you to learn how to decorate a galley kitchen, as this is an amazing way to make your kitchen one of a kind. On top of that, if you decorate your galley kitchen you will be able to make it a more desirable room, and your friends and family will enjoy that for sure, so let’s learn how to do it!


    Colour Scheme

    One of the things you have to focus on is having the best colour scheme. I would recommend you to opt for a set of bright, light colors because galley kitchen’s are known for being smaller in size, and because of that it might seem too cramped if you choose a darker colour tone. So, the brighter the tone the better, as it will create a friendlier environment of which will be best. Not to mention that the kitchen will be more welcoming for your guests.

    The style and colour of your kitchen cabinets will help you choose specific colours. For example, if you have white or light wood, then it’s a good idea to opt for light yellow, cream or white, as this will make the kitchen pleasing to the eyes.


    The Kitchen Triangle

    Remember to add the traditional kitchen triangle, as this is indeed essential if you want to streamline the look of your kitchen. So, add the hob, fridge and sink in order to make your kitchen more appealing, fully equipped and, most important, fully functional.


    Add natural elements

    A kitchen isn’t only a simple place to eat, instead it’s a sanctuary and a location where friends and family come to relax and interact with each other. It’s a good idea to add in some natural elements, such as a vase of flowers or maybe a bowl of veggies. Even some glass containers that are filled with seeds or nuts can unite the area, make it more interesting and out of the ordinary.


    Bring in some storage features

    Some nicely inserted storage features will be a great addition if you want to decorate a galley kitchen. Add a few wine racks, maybe some feature drawers and even some pull out containers, then you will definitely be amazed with how extraordinary the results can actually be!



    Make sure that you incorporate the best lighting, and you can easily do that if you utilise the space which can be found above or under the wall-hung units. It’s all about design here, so make sure that these fit or complement the room architecture! All in all, if you want to decorate a galley kitchen you can easily find some inspirational ideas here. Just make sure that you follow our ideas in regards to lighting, storage features, colours and other elements, then you will have an amazing galley kitchen that everyone will love to visit!

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