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    How to maximise the space in a small kitchen
    4th May, 2020

    Struggling with the constraints of a tiny kitchen? There’s no need to despair. There are plenty of clever design tricks which can help you make even the smallest spaces feel that bit more spacious. Here are a few top tips to consider in your quest for a little more room…

    How to maximise the space in a small kitchen 1

    Be economical

    Many of the items we keep in out kitchens do not need to be there. For smaller kitchens, planning is essential. The very last thing you want to do is overcrowd your space, so focus only on what you really need.

    This certainly does not mean there is no room for decoration and design features – only that these need to be carefully considered in the context of the room available. Organise a few small baskets or hooks for storing smaller items, as this gives you immediate access to vital pieces of kitchen kit without wasting space on larger storage solutions.
    How to maximise the space in a small kitchen 2

    Integrate where possible

    Whenever you can, integrate the appliances and accessories in your kitchen. This will mean your kitchen instantly looks and feels less cluttered, and will also give you the chance to stow machinery away for a more minimalist look. Integration is one of the most important small kitchen ideas, and works well for everything from washing machines to chopping boards, as these items can also be easily accessed simply by opening a cupboard or unfolding appliances from their designated space.

    Make your shelves more slimline

    Streamlining your shelves is the perfect way to ensure that your space is maximised. It’s amazing how much room can be freed up simply by making cupboards and shelves smaller. This may mean incorporating a narrow cupboard layout, or even stackable shelving which hides away some of the items which would otherwise be readily on display in your kitchen space.

    Think of the mugs, glasses, plates and smaller kitchen appliances which can be tucked away within easy reach without taking up too much of the already limited room available.

    How to maximise the space in a small kitchen 3

    Focus on colour

    The right colour scheme can make a world of difference when designing your kitchen. Yet the finish of the space will also help to dictate whether it feels light and airy or stuffy and confined. If you have a little natural light, maximize it with neutral or lighter tones which will instantly make the room feel larger than it is.

    You don’t have to sacrifice your design aesthetic to make this work – whether you’re impressed by ultra-modern styles or prefer something with a vintage feel, there is plenty of room for both in a well-designed kitchen, no matter now small it may be.

    Let us know…

    If you have any great tips when it comes to maximising space in small kitchen that we’ve missed, let us know in the comments.

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