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    How to paint a ceiling
    21st September, 2013

    Painting the ceiling in any room needs planning and preparation before you start.

    Step 1:

    Clear the room as much as possible and place remaining furniture into the middle of the room and protect with dustsheets. By doing this you will make the job much easier, more efficient and safer to do.


    Step 2:

    Remember to place dustsheets on the floor to protect it.


    Step 3:

    Remove light fittings if possible or cover with a bin liner.


    Step 4:

    Look at the ceiling and see if there are any holes or cracks to be filled, if so use an appropriate filler and sand back the filler to a smooth finish so that the ceiling is flat. Any defects will show up once the ceiling is painted. Careful preparation is the key to a good finish.


    Step 5:

    The painting can begin! Start by "cutting in". This when you paint around the edges of the room.


    Step 6:

    After the "cutting in" has been done the rest of the ceiling can be painted using a roller. To make this much safer and easier we recommend you use an extension pole with your roller. Always start where the light enters a room ie: above a window and work back from this point so you can see what you have and haven't done!


    Step 7:

    Apply the roller with gentle long strokes and then going off gently.


    Step 8:

    Leave the first coat to dry (as per manufacturers instructions) and then apply a second coat. If covering a strong colour then a third coat may be needed.


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