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    How to paint a radiator
    14th November, 2013

    Our easy to follow guide with step by step instructions on how to paint a radiator will have your radiators looking sharp in no time.

    Step 1: 

    Turn off the radiator and allow it to cool down.


    Step 2:

    Place a dustsheet under the radiator.


    Step 3:

    Lightly rub down the surface with sandpaper or wet and dry sandpaper.


    Step 4:

    Clean the radiator by using a damp cloth and detergent to remove any dirt or dust as this will affect the finish. Preparation is the key!


    Step 5:

    If you have any patches of rust or bare metal, they need to be treated with a metal primer.


    Step 6: 

    Start at one end by painting small sections at a time going across the radiator.


    Step 7:

    Once the radiator has been painted, remember to check for any paint runs. If there are with an unloaded brush, just brush them out.


    Step 8:

    Allow the paint to dry following the manufacturers instructions and recommendations on the tin. We recommend two coats are required so follow step 3  to 8 again.


    NB: When turning the radiator back on it may give off a paint smell of which is normal and will rapidly disappear after the radiator has been in use.



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