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    Kitchen Trends for 2018
    14th February, 2018


    The start of 2018 has seen a shift in trends in the home and interior industry, people are opting for more minimalistic designs as opposed to the vintage, sophisticated look. When it comes to kitchens, we also see how open plan kitchens are making their mark and making their way into a lot of homes. Are you tired of the way your kitchen looks? Do you also feel that you never seem to have enough space even though you have all kind of kitchen cabinets, drawers and racks? If your thinking about a kitchen renovation to use your current space more efficiently, keep reading as we’ve gathered some hip new trends in 2018 for your dream kitchen.

    Open Plan Kitchens

    Open Plan kitchen are making their way back into people’s home, particularly because they offer an informal kitchen where cooking combines with socialising and offers a place for the whole family to interact. This also integrates the living area close to the kitchen so you are never cut off from the entire house when you are prepping and cooking food.

    Two Tone Kitchens

    You can also do your kitchen in two contrasting tones or revamp your already existing kitchen to give it a trendy new look. Soft tones are more in right now, with grey and monotone kitchens getting more and more popular. With a standard grey, you can always introduce another pastel colour like teal or pink to your kitchen cabinets to complement the whole look.

    Moroccan kitchens

    Moroccan kitchens are also becoming increasingly popular this year. You can easily incorporate a stylish Moroccan design by using Moroccan tiles. By using these stylish tiles and kitchen cabinets, you can also pick the colours you want in your kitchen. You can utilise light colours to give your kitchen an open, bright look or go with some strong colours to make a statement.

    Eco-friendly Kitchens

    Homes are now also becoming eco-friendly as the idea of “going green” has started to catch on. If you want, you can also introduce that idea in your kitchen. There are a number of ways to do that, by including cabinets, flooring and work tops from natural products. You can also give your kitchen the right splash of colour by putting in potted plants around, just be make sure to use plants that can survive indoors.

    Metallic Inspired Kitchens

    If you are looking for a sophisticated look, the best way to do that is to go for a metallic kitchen. More and more kitchen appliances are now coming in a metallic finish to go with your silver or gold kitchen. Brass and copper is becoming increasingly popular as the metal of choice. There are a number of designs to be explored in metallic kitchen cabinets, lighting, wall tiles, handles as well as kitchen worktops.

    Modern Smart Kitchens

    There are also numerous ways to make your kitchen more modern, the possibilities are literally endless. There are light switches that now respond to your clap. There are sensor controlled taps and hand dryers, even coffee makers that can make your coffee at a designated time every day!


    You can go over the ideas mentioned above and hopefully they will help you to easily pick one that suits your fancy. There is also no need to spend thousands of pounds just to refurbish your kitchen, you can always design with a smaller budget in mind and move stuff around to get your desired space. De-cluttering your kitchen space will also help with de-cluttering your mind and provide you with a friendly comfortable space, where you can cook and spend time with your family!

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