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    New Year’s DIY Resolutions
    2nd January, 2015

    As another year starts and we all promise ourselves that we will do this and that (the things that we haven't done over the past year). DIY makes it onto our New Year's resolution list all with good intentions and reasoning as it will expand our learning with each and every year as well as saving expense in our wallets.


    DIY manifesto


    To get you on your way to creating your own personal diy resolution list we have noted below a list of common diy new year resolution tasks.


    Sealing a drafty window

    The weather stripping around a window often becomes loose or worn out over time. To replace the weather stripping you will need to take measurements (height and width) first and then head down to your window manufacturer or purchase online. The procedure to remove and replace the weather stripping is simple and straight forward.

    On a sash window, remove the sash first of all and place on a flat stable surface. pull off the weather strip from the sash. To refit a new weather strip, start in the corner and push it into the groove working your way all around. Refit the sash and job done!


    Window weatherstrip


    Squeeky Floorboards

    Another niggling issue is squeeky floorboards. This one makes it on to our list as it's guaranteed that you will step on every loose floorboard when getting back home late and trying to sneak in unnoticed. To secure squeeky floorboards you will need to screw them down to the joists. A tip before drilling / screwing floorboards down would be to check for pipes or cables.


    Squeeky floorboards


    Clearing blocked gutters

    Keeping your home gutters working freely is always a good move as overflowing blocked gutters can cause problems to the fabric of the building.

    To check your gutters are working well you will first of all need a ladder to safely reach your gutters as well as a head for heights and either a friend or family member to steady the ladder! Once you have reached your gutters use a trowel to remove the debris. Next, once all the debris has been removed you will need to pour some water into your gutter to double check it is working well and removing the build up of water.


    Blocked gutters


    Paint a room

    Painting a room can add life to your home as well as a personal touch. First decide what colour you wish to paint your room.  Next you need to buy the paint and painting equipment you will need (paint brushes, rollers etc). Then prepare and paint your room remembering to start on the ceiling, walls and the trim work at the end. Lastly stand back and admire your handiwork.


    Paint a room


    Set up a diy calendar and stick to it!

    One tried and trusted method in achieving your goals is to set up a diy calendar and break down the tasks in to daily / weekly or monthly goals. Print it out, look at it every day and follow it!


    Diy Calendar

    Now it's time to set up your own diy calendar and achieve your diy resolutions for 2015!  


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