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    Paint Colour Trends for 2015
    3rd January, 2015

    A look at paint colour trends from Dulux, Farrow & Ball and Mylands for the year ahead. Selecting the correct colour for your home is important. Colour affects our mood and creates a transformation to any room of which can be vitality, calming, expanding or warmth.


    Dulux paint started in the 1950's with decorators and suppliers being their main source of business. A few years later by 1953 Dulux paint was available to customers in the retail environment. A famous icon for Dulux paint is the old english sheepdog which has stayed with them ever since. It has been used on all types of advertising from TV to print adverts and online in today's world. The name Dulux comes from the two words: Dupont and luxury.


    Dulux colour palette for 2015 brings a warm essence of pinks, reds and oranges and is apply named "Copper blush". Copper blush is a warm colour that works well with neutral tones and materials as well as metallics.


    Dulux Copper Blush 2015


    Farrow and Ball

    Farrow and Ball originated in Dorset by John Farrow and Richard Ball. Their meticulous approach to producing high quality paint has earned them a highly regarded reputation amongst customers around the world.


    Farrow and Ball's paint colours for 2015 are a selection of colours that will create escapism in our homes, allowing us to escape and relax from the modern world. Their main colours for 2015 are Pink Ground, Light Blue, Breakfast Room Green and Tanners Brown. 


    Farrow and Ball Paint Colours 2015


    Mylands of London

    Mylands of London have been around for along time. In fact they are the oldest paint manufacturer in Great Britain who started trading in 1884. Mylands are proud and for good reason to preserving a traditional approach to producing the best quality paints and finishes whilst staying abreast of modern new techniques and blending the old with the new.


    Their colour palette for 2015 are clean, crisp colours with Blue, Green and Lilac taking centre stage with neutral tones: Hurlingham, Chiswick, Belgravia, Early Lavender and Pale Lilac.


    Mylands Paint Colours 2015

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