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    Wallpaper Guide
    22nd November, 2014

    There are many different types of wallpaper on the market today. Below is a simple guide to help you understand the different varieties available and which one would best fit your needs.


    Lining Paper

    Lining paper is used to cover minor imperfections / defects creating a smooth surface to paint or to apply wallpaper on. Lining paper comes in a variety of grades from 400 to 1200. when hanging lining paper of which will be painted it must be hung vertically. When hanging lining paper of which will have wallpaper hung on top it must be hung horizontally.


    Woodchip as the name suggests has woodchips on the paper. There are a variety of grades available. The thicker grades are easier to hang and cover rough or uneven surfaces with much more ease.


    Washable wallpapers have a plastic coating that covers the printed pattern. this makes the paper resistant to stains and allows it to be cleaned down.


    balham 2



    Vinyl Wallpaper

    Vinyl wallpapers have a plastic vinyl layer over the printed pattern which makes them tough and washable. Ideal in fact for kitchens and bathrooms due to their ability to withstand steam and mould. Vinyl wallpapers are usually paste the wall type.



    Anaglypta wallpapers have an embossed raised pattern and are usually a plain paper finish of which is painted over. They are suitable for covering imperfections / defects. Anaglypta wallpaper allows you to create texture within a room.


    Blown Vinyl

    Blown vinyl wallpapers also have an embossed raised finish but are covered with a vinyl which makes them tough. Blown vinyl wallpapers cannot be painted over.



    Flock wallpapers consist of small raised particle fibres which look and feel like velvet. Flock wallpaper is associated with opulance but care must be taken as it can be easily marked.




    Nonwoven Wallpaper

    Nonwoven wallpapers are made up of a blend of natural and synthetic fibres. They are washable and breathable.

    Hand Printed

    Hand printed wallpapers are produced by a large printing block that fills the full width of the wallpaper and up to pattern repeat on length. It is moved by hand along the full length of the wallpaper.





    Handy Tip: When buying wallpaper always check the batch numbers match on all rolls.

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